Yellowstone Pack Trips

Montana Fly Fishing Pack Trips

If you enjoy getting away from the crowd to some secluded waters for some great Montana fly fishing, or Yellowstone fly fishing, you will want to come along with us on a Horse Pack Trip. For the summer months we are based out of our Orvis Fly Shop in Cooke City, Montana which is just 4 miles from the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Whether you go on our Montana wilderness fly fishing trips or on our Yellowstone fly fishing pack trip, you will be exposed to offer infinite sightseeing and photography! Throw in great fly fishing waters and the abundance of wildlife, beautiful wildflowers and towering granite peaks  with cascading waterfalls.

Horseback Pack Trips and Fly-fishing the Montana Wilderness

We conduct Montana fly fishing pack trips from late June thru September 15.

We are an endorsed by the ORVIS Co. as a Fly Fishing Expedition Outfitter offering high quality, full service, backcountry fly-fishing trips into wilderness of the Absaroka-Beartooth National Forest and it's one million acres. This area has hundreds of pristine, high mountain streams and lakes that are home to a wide variety of trout – Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout,  Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout and Arctic Grayling. On our Montana Wilderness pack trips you will find our secluded, wilderness base camp, spectacular, with unsurpassed scenery and terrific fly fishing!!

Montana Wilderness Pack Trip Package includes:

Our 5-day horseback pack trip with wrangler, fly fishing guides, camp cook with great meals, a fly over the cooking area, trained trail horses, all tack, large tents with army cots to sleep on, packing your gear into camp and back out, ½ day in and ½ day out packing / travel time, 4 days of fly fishing and 4 nights lodging in our comfortable Montana fly fishing base camp.

Yellowstone National Park
Fly Fishing Trips

Yellowstone National Park pack trips for backcountry fly fishing run July 1 thru August 31.

Our backcountry Yellowstone Park trips are fully guided backcountry fly fishing  trips on horseback that offer secluded Yellowstone National Park fly fishing in famous trout streams such as: Slough Creek, Cache Creek, Miller Creek, Pebble Creek and the Lamar River.

Yellowstone National Park Package includes:

Our 4-day Yellowstone fly fishing horseback pack trip with horse wrangler, fly fishing guides and camp cook with great meals, a fly over the cooking area, horses, tack, tents to sleep in, packing your gear into camp and back out, ½ day in and ½ day out packing / travel time, 3 days of fly fishing and 3 nights lodging in our backcountry Yellowstone Fly Fishing camp.


warm sleeping bag thermo-rest type sleeping pad
small flashlight / extra batteries towel & wash cloth
toilet articles medication (if needed )
chapstick / sunscreen insect repellant
ear plugs (snoring protection) water bottle
camera binoculars (optional)
boots with heel for riding camp shoes (tennis shoes)
warm coat / gloves rain gear (riding slicker)
extra socks & underwear No Firearms on summer trips
1 or 2 complete changes of clothes (long sleeve shirts and denim jeans are best)
felt hat or cap (No straw hats, please. They are hard to keep on in the wind.)


rod (in protective hard case / 4-piece rods are best)

fishing vest, reel, tackle, net
lightweight waders

Please pack everything in 2, small, soft duffle bags. (no wheels)
Due to regulations governing the amount of horses we can use on our pack trips, and our use of low impact camping techniques to protect the environment, each client’s personal / fishing combined total weight is limited to 35 lbs.

Cooke City Pack Station

302 Main St
Cooke City, MT 59020